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Recently hailed by the Dallas Morning News as “A powerhouse bass voice who takes command of the stage” following his debut with the Dallas Opera, Keron Jackson is a gifted musician, actor, and evangelist. He has dedicated his life to serving God through his gifts and talents. Through his gift, Mr. Jackson has been transported to opera houses, national singing competitions, conventions, theaters, school auditoriums and churches.

Although he has taken the stage at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and the Dallas Opera, the most important part of Keron Jackson’s life is motivational speaking. Keron believes that he is not unique, and lives on this earth just like everyone else. We’ve all been lost, forgotten and not loved. Mr. Jackson wants to reach out to those in poverty, those whose parents are on drugs, and the kids that try to do better even though no one says, “good job.”

Keron Jackson is a believer that, “If no one shows up for your dream, you still have to show up for it everyday.” Keron Jackson is currently writing his first book titled, “Unlearning What My Parents Taught Me.” Keron is grateful for his gifts, how he came to know Jesus Christ and how, in the end, he received love and learned how to love.

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